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History of NAET

NAET is a natural, non-invasive allergy elimination technique developed by Dr Devi Nambudripad. Dr Nambudripad was born and raised in India and from an early age suffered from multiple allergies causing poor health and chronic pain. She moved to the US and began her medical studies. First, she qualified as a Registered Nurse (RN), then as an acupuncturist (LAc), obtaining a PhD in Oriental medicine. Subsequently she graduated in chiropractic (DC), developed experience of kinesiology and studied nutrition. Finally she became a medical doctor (MD).

With her allergy problems, she got to a point where she could only eat broccoli and white rice to feel well. She began to use the knowledge she had acquired through her studies to develop a technique (NAET) to reduce these allergies and which eventually enabled her to eat a normal diet again. She has treated thousands of patients with NAET with a great deal of success and now runs training courses all over the world to teach it to other practitioners. She has also written many books about NAET.

More about NAET

NAET is a technique that balances the energy flow in an individual which then helps the body to heal itself, so therefore can help in most physical and psychological illness. Although many people use NAET to help eliminate food allergies (including anaphylaxis) and intolerances, benefit has also been seen in many disorders including;


•candida/yeast problems

•weight problems

•migraine and headaches





•asthma and respiratory problems

•sinus problems



•IBS and gastrointestinal problems


•emotional problems



•chemical sensitivity

•environmental allergies

•animal allergies

•PMS and hormonal problems


•autoimmune disorders including thyroid disorders

NAET defines an allergy as a negative response (physical, physiological or psychological) by an individual to any substance that to most people is neutral or beneficial. The response by the patient to a substance is determined using kinesiology (muscle testing). If the patient has a negative reaction (weakened muscle response) then the person is treated for that substance using acupressure on specific acupuncture points along the spine and then around the limbs. It is believed that the acupressure to these points in the presence of the allergen releases blockages in the energy pathways in the body (from Oriental Medicine theory) and somehow resets the brain's response to the substance so that it no longer perceives the substance as a threat. 

The patient is tested for a range of substances in a well-established order of priority, and treated for any substances that elicit a negative response. Specific allergens identified by the patient can also be tested and treated if necessary. Investigations can detect possible related blockages of psychological origin that NAET can also help to resolve. The number of sessions required varies according to the patient's initial condition and their response to the treatment.

People of any age, including babies, can be treated with NAET.

To see what a NAET treatment involves please see this short YouTube video from the NAET Training Institute.

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